I need a place to vent. This will do.

Angry Beaver’s Hate List 2011 Part I

My hiatus from writing prompted me to mull about and marinate on life, love and the karmic enchilada.  I hoped to find Zen, profound clarity, my inner child.  Instead, it led me to things that piss the crap out of me.  Hence, it is my duty as an angry beaver to document such insufferables.    

1. Ristras at The Fort for charging a minimum purchase order of P500 for credit card transactions

2. That annoying globe favicon on the left side of tabs and urls

3. Going to the BIR to suck up to corrupt schmoes

4. Greece’s effect on the global economy and our local stock market (Get your act together, man!)

5. China’s pigheadedness and bullying over the Spratlys (Stop being such a fucking ass and let it go!)

6. Horrendously expensive parking along Emerald Ave., Ortigas at P40 for 2 hours and P20 for every fucking hour henceforth